Mimi Bobeck's Troll Dolls (The Drew Carey Show)

Mimi Bobeck's Troll Dolls (The Drew Carey Show)

Mimi's Troll Dolls - Mimi Bobeck, the cosmetically challenged department store secretary on THE DREW CAREY SHOW/ABC/1995-2004 loves Troll dolls. At work, Mimi showcased a veritable army of troll dolls on her desk and work area at Winfred Louder.

During one particular episode, Drew Carey, Mimi's nemesis (whom she calls "Pig!") sabotaged the heads of Mimi's troll dolls to explode on cue (09/18/96 "We'll Remember Always, Evaluation Day").

On another episode, Drew meets a woman on a chat line. But when his online paramour (known only at honeybee28@PeopleNet.com) mentions that she collects troll dolls (she typed ”I can’t believe I did that in front of my troll dolls”) Drew realizes his mistake too late (they already engaged in Internet sex) and quickly runs to the bathroom shower to cleanse his body of the shame and degradation (10/21/1998 "Sexual Perversity in Cleveland").

If Mimi wants to wish for good luck, she compulsively pats the heads of her troll dolls in a particular order. If she messes up the sequence, she must redo the whole ritual to obtain the desired good luck.

When Mimi took charge of the store while her boss Mr. Wick was ill, she tried to replace all the store mannequins with giant troll dolls.

Trolls Dolls
Mimi Bobeck: Hey! Don't touch the troll!
Drew Carey: Is that what your mother told your dates?

TRIVIA NOTE: Claudia "Claude" Casey (Sara Rue), the perky redhead assistant to news anchor Will Butler, a GBN Television Network executive on LESS THAN PERFECT/ABC/2002-2006 also likes troll dolls. She, too, pats their heads for good luck.

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